Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Road to Financial Freedom


Why did I decide to do a blog? Why did I decide to call it death to debt? It's simple and that is why I named the first post Road to Financial Freedom because that is exactly what it has been for me over the past three years. In 2008 I found myself laid off with $48,000 in debt not including the mortgage and an one year old staring me in the face at home. Right then and there my husband and I decided to work together to get out from under this mountain of debt. It took us 2 1/2 years, but by the time I hit 30 years on this earth we were DEBT FREE! Before getting laid off our family was spending money and not thinking about paying off the debt and it took this traumatic life event to get us to sit up and pay attention. We took the necessary steps needed and made sacrifices that helped us save money and pay off the debt. Our finances were on life support, but now I am happy to say all vital signs are good and we are now on a path to generational wealth where not only will our children benefit, but also their great grandchildren will be able to build off what we have started today!

Today I help others help themselves to get out of debt through workshops and speaking engagements. It is indeed my passion to spread financial literacy and I look forward to writing weekly here on this blog to help others become debt free!

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